Let’s De-Phrag the Marsh! Project Awareness

picture of invasive phragmites

Project Awareness

Friends of Second Marsh Newsletters (November 2022 to Present) https://www.secondmarsh.ca/publications-and-links/

Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) Conference

“Engaging the Community in Responsible Stewardship at the Oshawa Second Marsh.“:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=186uo_RvCX4&list=PLyfkur6bMr4srf8c79g-_WONFPfJyciua&index=6

Ontario Nature magazine (Spring 2023 Edition)


Metroland Newspaper Article


Project Recognition

Durham Environment & Climate Advisory Committee (DECAC)
2023 Durham Environmental Achievement Award Recipient

The Dr. J. Murray Speirs Restoration Award for the restoration of the natural environment and supporting climate adaptation was presented to Friends of Second Marsh for their work on their “Let’s De-Phrag the Marsh” project, restoring one acre of natural habitat in the Oshawa Second Marsh and McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Preserve and raising community awareness of natural features.

For more information please take a look here: https://www.durham.ca/en/news/recognizing-environment-and-climate-leaders-in-durham-region.aspx