Let’s De-Phrag The Marsh! Project – What’s New

Click the link below to watch a short video of before and after shots of Phragmites management units. We are making progress!


Phragmites Spading Events May/June 2023

We want to thank the Honorable Ministers David Piccini and Todd McCarthy for the announcement of Friends of Second Marsh receiving $35,000. The Great Lakes Local Action Fund support for Year 4 of our Let’s De-phrag the Marsh! Project is key to our multi-year plan to eradicate Phragmites from Oshawa Second Marsh, its adjacent property McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and their watersheds.  Specific to this announcement, Friends of Second Marsh will complete Phragmites management actions in McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, an over 40 hectare and significant natural area located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in the city of Oshawa. 

Management In Action

Thank you to the General Motors of Canada employees who helped to remove some Phragmites on the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve in mid-September by participating in our spading event. We tackled a few small patches of Invasive Phragmites by hand this fall.
September 20, 2022 was a milestone for our Let’s De-Phrag the Marsh! Project. Phragmites Control Centre (IPCC) staff were on site to help treat Invasive Phragmites with government approved herbicide. This treatment was made possible by funds from General Motors of Canada Company and the Green Shovels Collaborative. For more information about IPCC and the work that they do, please visit their website at: www.phragcontrol.com.
We also want to thank all our individual donors that have contributed to this project. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!