Projects, Programs and Events

FSM is an established leader in community environmental education and stewardship, which is a critical component for restoring and maintaining wetlands and other natural areas.  FSM is proud to be able to develop and deliver valuable programs and activities that have  educational components.

FSM engages approximately 500 community participants and volunteers annually.  Numbers dropped as a result of the COVID pandemic but are now on the increase.


To learn about our upcoming events, please check our Upcoming Events below, follow us on social media, contact us at or 905.723.5047.

2023 Proposed Upcoming Events and Activities:

February – Winter Hike in Celebration of World Wetlands Day

April –. Earth Day Clean; Spring Migration Day

May – Forest Bathing Hike, Invasive Species Removal

June – Let’s De-Phrag the Marsh Project work, Invasive Species Removal

July – Let’s De-Phrag the Marsh Project work

September – TBD

October – TBD

November – Fall Hike