Support the GLWC

A successful Great Lakes Wetlands Centre Campaign will be the result of partnerships between Friends of Second Marsh, the Federal and Provincial Governments, the City of Oshawa and the private sector. The estimated cost for constructing the Great Lakes Wetlands Centre, including displays and landscaping is over $7 million. We anticipate that:

  • $3.25 million of funding will be secured through government funding (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) and

  • $3.75 million will be raised in the private sector through the Great Lakes Wetlands Centre Campaign.

The Great Lakes Wetlands Centre Campaign welcomes all forms of giving:

  • Gifts of cash, in one-time payments or multi-year pledges via cheque.

  • Gifts of appreciated securities (taxable gains are reduced by half when transferring securities to a charitable organization).

  • Future gifts, such as bequests and life insurance.

  • Gifts in memoriam and in honour.

  • Corporate sponsorship

Or become a member of Friends or call the Office to enquire about available volunteer opportunities.