Wetland Walks

Currently on Hold
Wetland Walks is an outdoor education program lead by Friends of Second that meets specific grade level curriculum objectives of the Life Systems Strand through hands on activities in a natural setting. The gentle sloping terrain and the diversity of the habitats are ideal for outdoor education purposes.
  • Location: Second Marsh Wildlife Area, Oshawa
  • Cost: $5.00/ student (includes GST; teachers & volunteers are not required to pay)
  • Duration: Choose from either a 2 hour morning or afternoon session
  • One portable washroom available on site
  • Group limit is a minimum of 15 students and maximum of 60 students
  • Book now for fall 2015 sessions
  • No smoking will be allowed during the program.
  • There are no indoor facilities, so make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Please make sure to read the information sheet for your selected program. There is more detailed information related to your choice, including what students need to bring.
  • Most of the trails are grassy and uneven making them not wheelchair accessible.
Grade 2: Growth & Changes in Animals Animals, changes in development, and adaptation to their natural habitats are delivered through an educational game and an interpretive hike. Ratio of 1 adult to 5 students is advised. Grade 2 Info sheet (pdf)
Grade 3: Growth & Changes in Plants This program focuses on growth, needs and structures of plants through an educational game, an interpretive hike. Ratio of 1 adult to 6 students is required. Grade 3 info sheet (pdf)
Grade 4: Habitats & Communities Habitats will be explored through an interpretive hike, microhabitat investigation and discussion on ecological relationships (food chains, etc.). Ratio of 1 adult to 8 students is advised. Grade 4 info sheet (pdf)
Bookings: Spring & Fall Sessions Available!
The program runs Tuesday to Friday.
Fall session: Mid September to the end of October (weather permitting)
Spring session: After the May long weekend (weather permitting) to the end of June
When booking for a program, please have the following information available to you:
  • Name of all teachers attending the program
  • Name of school
  • Phone number of school (including teacher’s extension and/or email)
  • Number of students attending
  • Preferred date and time of program
Upon booking, a Directions & Waiver Form will be emailed to the teacher to confirm program attendance. If you would like to review this form prior to booking or attending the program, please see links below for more information:
Directions & Waiver Form (pdf)
To book a program, please contact the Friends of Second Marsh office: Tel: 905.723.5047
Email: karbour@secondmarsh.ca