Let’s De-Phrag The Marsh! Project – What You Can Do

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Become a Volunteer Steward with Friends of Second Marsh (FSM) as we begin Year 3 of our ambitious 8-10 year mission to eradicate Invasive Phragmites from the Second Marsh, nearby natural areas and contamination sources.

Help us identify, map, monitor and manually remove Invasive Phragmites. Training, supervision, and tools provided.
Dates: June -July

Wetlands in Ontario are under threat from aggressive monoculture stands of Invasive Phragmites which deplete resources for resident and migrating species. By Managing and Eliminating Invasive Phragmites, we preserve and increase the productive habitats for native plants, animals, birds, and insects.
Why Map and Monitor? Mapping and Monitoring the existing stands of Invasive Phragmites are only the first steps to Management. This allows us to track our progress, the decline or advance of Invasive Phragmites, all while giving us data to prioritize areas and determine the best Management Actions.
If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here: Support Us Form or send us an email to let us know you are interested to staff@secondmarsh.ca.

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