What People are Saying

Dr. Margaret Bain, Editor of Birders Journal, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“Oshawa Second Marsh has always been one of my favourite birding spots because of its wonderful biodiversity as well as its habit of attracting rare and unusual species. The marsh is truly a jewel worth preserving, and with more and more people becoming interested in conserving natural areas and wildlife, I am delighted that the new interpretive centre will give so many an introduction to this fascinating wetland ecosystem and a chance to learn about the rich natural history we have all around us.”

Mr. Fred Bodsworth, Noted author on natural history, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“Wetlands are an excellent and exciting place to begin to understand where we fit in the natural environment. A wetlands interpretive centre, as proposed by Friends of Second Marsh, will nurture an interest and sense of wonder in people of all ages, and provide tremendous learning opportunities.”

Hon. Ed. Broadbent, P.C., C.C., Former federal NDP leader, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“For many years there has been a growing appreciation of the wonders of Oshawa’s Second Marsh. Many have been involved but unquestionably it has been the creative leadership of Friends of Second Marsh during the past three decades that has made the difference. They have succeeded in restoring and improving a marvelous wetland. Now they have their imaginative new venture for a learning centre about wetlands and wildlife. Future generations will look back on this work with warm appreciation.”

Hon. David Crombie, P.C., Waterfront Regeneration Trust Founding Chair, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“No feature on the GTA waterfront has more appeal or significance than Second Marsh in Oshawa. The  development of the Great Lakes Wetlands Centre will be a great addition to the Waterfront Trail and it will allow Friends to fully realize the tremendous educational and recreational potential that exists at Second Marsh.”

Mr. Michael Grimaldi, former President, General Motors of Canada Limited, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“General Motors of Canada proudly joins its community partners in supporting the Great Lakes Wetlands Centre. By preserving and nurturing this significant wetland, Friends of Second Marsh will encourage generations of visitors to protect and respect the natural world, and the Centre will help inform them about the value of wetlands.”

Mr. Glen Loates, Noted wildlife artist, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“Our Canadian wetlands are a place of beauty and inspiration, and an important link in the cycle of life. Many animals would not survive without our wetlands. Over the years, I have found a great source of material for my paintings here. It is imperative that we preserve our remaining wetlands for future generations to cherish and enjoy. A centre for learning about these beautiful places is needed NOW. Friends of Second Marsh have taken a giant step forward in order to help build this centre to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to understand and appreciate our wetlands.”

Mr. Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“Wetlands are critical for maintaining the health of our environment through their role in protecting water quality, through their biological diversity, and in numerous other ways. The Great Lakes Wetlands Centre will encourage the protection of wetlands by developing an appreciation of their value in the many children and adults that visit it and Second Marsh.”

Mr. Mike Shields, Director Organizing, CAW Canada

“The CAW’s participation in the Second Marsh project is a logical extension of our belief in Social Unionism. Our lives extend beyond collective bargaining and the workplace and we must concern ourselves with issues such as the environment, housing, taxation, education, medical services and the international economy. Social unionism means unionism which is rooted in the workplace but understands the importance of participating in, and influencing, the general direction of society. The Great Lakes Wetlands Centre is a vital component in the education of future generations.”

Dr. Stuart Smith, former Chairman of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, Friends of Second Marsh Honorary Board Member

“The Great Lakes Wetlands Centre proposed by Friends of Second Marsh will benefit the environment by illustrating the crucial importance of wetlands and it will benefit the economy by bringing visitors to the area. Its construction and operation will respect nature and the surroundings; all in all an outstanding example of sustainable development.”

Chris Conti, Former Executive Director, Friends of Second Marsh

“The only way that our children’s heritage and the health of our environment will be protected is if we come to understand and appreciate the features and functions of areas like Second Marsh. The Great Lakes Wetlands Centre provides a unique opportunity to create this awareness and understanding in our children and in the broader community.”

Ken Ridge, Past President, Friends of Second Marsh

“It is a privilege without parallel to serve on the Board of Friends of Second Marsh and have a part in the creation of the Great Lakes Wetlands Centre at Second Marsh. As a former educator and avid birder, I know that the Centre will have immense value in giving many people, young and old, a better understanding of the natural world in general and wetlands in particular.”

Russ Powell, CAO, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

“The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority has a primary objective, the continuing existence of healthy watersheds as a significant component of a healthy environment. Coastal marshes at the bottom of our watersheds serve as a key indicator of upstream health and a warning system of upstream problems. Second Marsh receives the inflows from the Harmony, Black and Farewell Creeks as well as the interface with Lake Ontario itself. A Great Lakes Wetlands Centre would have the capability to educate and enlighten the broader community on the science behind, and the stewardship of, not only our marshes but their watersheds as well.”

Mary Shea, Principal, Durham District School Board

“Through our partnership with Friends of Second Marsh, our students received valuable `real life’ lessons in the fundamentals of urban forestry and the value of urban woodlots to their quality of life.”

Tom Worden, Provincial Chair for Ducks Unlimited Canada

“Second Marsh is the most precious wetland within the heart of urban Canada and once restored it will provide one of the most significant recreational experiences for the Greater Toronto Area. Waterfowl, birds, fish, and other wildlife will benefit from the marsh’s restoration as well as people living near the marsh and within the Greater Toronto Area.”